Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Day!!!

Today is the day the last book in the Harry Potter series comes out. We're planning to pick up a copy on CD on our way to the Renfest!

Yesterday, I made this jewelry set. I had to make reverse stamps of the flower and leaf first, then stamp the little rectangles and color them with metallic pigments. All the findings are handmade as well. I learned a trick for making the jump rings: roll a 'spring' around a paint brush handle, pencil or rounded pliers (depending on what size you want) then just cut a straight line down one side of the spring and voila...jump rings.
Speaking of making reverse stamps...this is the start of some cartouche jewelry I decided to make. The hieroglyphs are my name...backwards! I forgot to carve the stamp in reverse!!! Oh well...who will know...except an, that's the first person I'll see the first time I wear the jewelry!!

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