Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm Back!

I've been out of town on business and catching up on my hiking lately. I had to go to Cleveland, TN for a project, but took some time to do some Geocaching with my co-workers. We found a virtual cache in the center of town that is a mausoleum build for a young girl in the 1800s who died when her grandfather lost control of his carriage and it went in front of a train. The legend says that the red in the stone on the right side of the door is blood from all the suffering at her death! Creepy, but interesting...
After I got back from that trip, I decided (or should I say my dog, Wiley, decided) it was time to take a day hike. I did some Geocaching along the way to the ridge south of Blodgett Peak that overlooks Colorado Springs.
One of the travel bugs I picked up at a cache was a "Book of Heroes"...a little notebook for people to write down who there heroes are...well, I couldn't just write something...I had to craft something. I did it all digitally to avoid the bulk of embellishments, but here they are:

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