Saturday, January 19, 2008

Book Page Swap & Watercolor Technique

I've finished my cards for the Book Page swap at ATCards. The idea was to use any theme but include a page from a book on the collage. I didn't really have a theme...unless, use the tidbits from other projects is a theme.

I also completed the first technique challenged hosted by Crafted By Us. This idea is to paint random patches of color onto wet watercolor paper. After it dries, you are supposed to pick out any images you see and outline them. Well...I looked at them...walked away...came back later and looked at them again...and decided all I could see was some dinosaur/bunny looking thing, a kinda flower shape and a leaf on one. The other had a sorta brown sun and a fat cat/dog/animal face like image...I think the leaf is the only shape that really looked like a real object. :-)

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