Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ancestor Collection & Podcast Challenge

A couple months ago, I made two pins. One had a picture of my mother as a girl and the other had a picture of my grandfather, Pappy, with his dog, Hurky. I never wear them because I don't have matching earrings or a I made some. The necklace is a picture of my great grandmother, Pappy's mother.
Today, I did my first soldered charm. I learned the techniques from the Crafted by Us podcast. I need much more practice with the solder...for instance, I didn't know you could keep putting flux on to help with the flow of the melted solder, so my charm ended up a little more rough that I planned. I think I'm just going to put a patina on it and pretend I wanted that 'rustic' look. This is the front and back.

Then I did the Watercolor Baby Wipe challenge from Crafted by Us. I used a wet Windex wipe instead of a baby wipe. This is what my Windex wipe looked like after I applied my watercolor paint.
Here is the ATC I created with it. This was a pretty cool technique.

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