Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last Day of May

I haven't created a whole lot over the last couple weeks, but I did try out the Espresso Painting technique from the lastest Crafted By Us podcast. I have a Tassimo, so I decided to brew up some espresso and try it...well, actually I made a cup of chia tea latte. When I removed the chia tea pod and noticed the colored liquid, I though, "Hey, why not try painting with it?" That was OK and the lighter tones in the painting are chia tea. So then I took an espresso pod, cut a slit in it and poured out some grounds. I did find that tap water doesn't get hot enough and the grounds float. I figured it was better just to brew up a cup (mental note: scotch tape will NOT seal a cut pod resulting in grounds all over the Tassimo). Brewing worked great and I painted up my mountain scene (I did sketch it out a little first) do you like the pterodactyl size birds??? I should probably work on perspective. :-)

I also made up a wedding card for my brother and sister-in-law, Larry & Mary (isn't that cute) using some purchased 3D stickers and my Cricut.

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