Monday, June 9, 2008

Collage Me to You to Me Again

I joined a cool ATC swap at ATCsforall. The idea is that we send in 3 baggies with 4 collage items. The host send back 3 different baggies from other participants and then we create an ATC from the items in the baggie.

I've finished my first ATC for KatieV. I started out with a piece of rose patterned paper, the green K tag, a piece of paper doily and a couple 5 cent stamps (forgot to take a photo of the items before I created the ATC). I decided to 'paint' the background with espresso and did an impression of '7' since that is the date I did the card. I glued the piece of doily toward the bottom of the card and glued a K, V and a couple of paper scraps that I had after I cut out a V oval tag from the rose paper and cut the K out of the K tag I recieved (I inked the K green). I did a packing tape transfer of the stamps and glued those to opposite corners. I used a deck stain chip from Lowes as the 'background for the letters and attached the K and V tags with a brad and ribbon over the doily and letters and scored them so they can be folded up to reveal the hidden letters. I added a green, flower bling to finish.

My second ATC for Hogarth started with these items:

I did an 'inky layers' technique for the background that I got from the ATC Workshop book using some of the provided paper, espresso dyed and stamped paper, homemade paper and mulberry paper over which I put matte gel dyed with current colored alcohol ink then rubbed it with a lilac shadow ink stamp . I took the gingham paper and threaded the white ribbon thru it for the right border. I cut the center background out of the Thumbelina stamp and glued it against the gingham border. I used the label from the ribbon roll, inked it to distress and cut it to fit against the Thumbelina stamp. Finally, I punched out two sizes of sun (dyed with butterscotch and caramel alcohol ink), three hands and four feet from an aluminum Dr. Pepper can and glued them to the card.

My third ATC was for Moony and started with the below:

I glued the text paper as the background and covered half with a torn piece of home made paper over which I rubbed on a little orange ink. I then glued down the skeleton leaf and trimmed the figure to exclude the background and glued that over the leaf. I took a scrap of thick velum, tore it in the shape of two 'mountain', inked the edges brown and glued it to the bottom. I used the blue, checkered paper (which Mooney used to ID her baggie), cut it in half and used it as a border on each side. I glued pieces from the figure background at the top...just because. I then removed the fusing from the back of the butterfly iron-ons, glued them into place and glued the fusing on as sort of 'ghost' butterflies. This is how it looks:

This was a great swap and really gets the creative juices boiling...

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