Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Metal Clay

I've been looking at metal clay for awhile, I told my DH that I wanted the starter set from Fire Mountain Gems for my birthday. Now, I've worked with polymer for some time, but it doesn't dry up on you and it doesn't cost over $30 for 20 I spent a week panicking about what I was going to make. I did some test runs with some ideas in polymer, gathered all my materials and finally made a dragonfly charm (alot of worry for a simple charm, I know). My next item is the shaman pendant. I just fired that this morning and I plan to make a matching set of earrings. Now, it's off to the bead store to by silver findings...I mean, why would I put a pure silver charm on any old wire?? :-)


Barbara said...

Isn't Art Clay fun? I had a blast making a little pendant with mine. I made a little grail, since I'm such a King Arthur fan :) The syringes were awesome for working with, too. I haven't tried the paste yet, though. I hope to, eventually. Have you tried it?

I love the design on the shaman charm. Is that a stamp or did you design it yourself?

Smullis said...

Thank you! The shaman is a stamp from a set called Native American Rock Art by Judith Dupre. I plan to try 'carving' the clay next for a more petroglyph look. I just ordered the syringe and paste, so I'm excited to try using those.

Dave Robertson said...

Hi, Smullis,

You've got a nice crisp look there in both pendants. I like! It appears you're one of those people who really "get" metal clay from the start. Now, when you branch into new realms with it like Barbara's talking about, you might enjoy some cool new Art Clay Silver kits we've got in... ;)


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