Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award!

I recieved the Kreativ Blogger Award from Jacque on Jacque of all Trades.  She is a wonderful artist who has some amazing creations on her site.

The terms of the Kreativ Blogger Award are to list six things that make me happy, and give this award to six other bloggers.

6 Things that make me happy:

1.  My awesome DH who supports me in every crazy hobby I want to try.
2. My 5 wonderful pets, Misha, Ozcar, Molly, Wiley & Delilah.  Although they are all older, they still add something to each day.
3.  The outdoors.  I'm lucky to live in one of the most beautiful states with miles of open space.
4.  The fact that my 14 year old dog, Wiley, can still do a decent mountain hike with me.
5.  My group of artist friends who encourage me in my art even though I have nowhere near their talent.
6.  Our good health.  We are blessed to be in good health and able to do the things we love.

6 Other Bloggers who deserve the award (IMHO):


Phree said...

Congratulations on receiving this award. You have some lovely work on your blog that deserves to be recognised.

Thank you also for passing the award on to me.

Michelle Johnson said...

Congratulations. I love looking at your work and seeing what you have made. Thanks so much for choosing me. It's nice to hear that someone appreciates the work I do. It's such a compliment. Thanks again.

Jacqueline F. Graham said...

You deserve it, girlfriend!! I love all of the artwork that you do! :-)

(((((Mega Hugs)))))