Saturday, February 21, 2009

Collage Party...Finally!

I finally had the collage party for which I made the game pieces in August!!!  We had a great time! We started with a blank 5x7 canvas and took turns choosing the game pieces, which ended up in this order:  fiber, image, chalk, texture, distress, quill, vellum, bead.  We had to quit because the guys were getting hungry.  These are the masterpieces we created:
Kay, Diane, Me, Bev & Jill






I need to mention that my DH spent a great deal of time cleaning out the rec room, which has served as storage since we moved here 4 years ago.  There is still much to do, but he did clear out a large enough area for our party and saved us from having to carry everything upstairs.  BTW, those are pictures of him on Bev's collage...all but one he took of himself?!?!

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Anonymous said...

Love that! I have a monthly craft night, maybe i'll see if the girls want to try the collage game!