Monday, April 13, 2009

UTEE...Great Stuff!

I decided to attempt some techniques with UTEE that I learned from Roni on Inkstains (great blog...highly recommend it.  Roni is always doing great demos every week.)  Anyway,  I watched Roni's video on mixing UTEE colors, got out my clay stape cutters, heated up the Melting Pot (with it balanced on the lid to level it out) and poured in my colors.  I decided to use black, gold and pink.  I had my craft mat on a tile (so I didn't melt the table) and started pouring...apparently, I used way too much gold...or it floats or something.  I cut out my shapes and put the excess back in the shouldn't do this unless you like the color of mud.  I added some more pink thinking, "Pink and mud...that might be a nice color combo"'s not.  I poured out another blob and stamped it with the clay cutter...except I waited too long and the cutter didn't go clear through.  Now, one would think that gently rubbing it onto the melting pot to melt down to the cutter would be a good isn't.  The shaped dropped out and started melting...I got it out, but it had some rough edges.   Enter another brilliant idea...why not use my heat gun to melt down those rough edges.  For those of you that are familiar with UTEE, you know that one of the main uses of a heat gun with UTEE is to remove bubbles.  Well, opaque, colored UTEE has bubbles even though you can't see them...and they will rise to the surface when heated.  So now, I had to keep melting the piece to smooth over the bubbles which resulted in a bit of serendipity as I ended up liking the 'molten' shape of the piece.  Now it's off to fashion some jewelry...


Ink Stained Roni said...

Oh wow, the gold one looks way cool!!! I love how the black and pink are peaking through.

Yeah, you just never know how they are going to turn out layer wise.

I like your 2nd attempt too...the wavy edges are pretty cool looking :)

Good for you for trying something new!!

Anonymous said...

that is cool, I wonder how the jewlrey will hold up? you shoud do an update in a month after you have worn the jewlrey and see how tough it is! I've used utee to glaze my clay beads and it flakes off sometimes but with the whole thing being utee maybe it would be stronger. looks cool anyhow!