Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Embossed Tassimo Packaging

I decided to try out this recycle material on a simple graduation card for my neice.  The stuff embosses great, but is a small pain to attach since it wants to curl up.  I ran it thru the Xyron and it crinkled a little.  I was able to emboss most of it out with an embossing tool, but...  Other than the rolling issue, I think this stuff is great.  I'm going to try alcohol inks on it next and see how that works.


thefrugalcrafter said...

wow, that is cool! Love the recycling...now, what are tassimo cartridges?

Smullis said...

The Tassimo is one of those single cup coffee brewers. The boxes of 'pods' come in a package of this sorta metal/plastic material. I've also seen the same material used for tuna too.