Monday, June 8, 2009

Craft Party - June 09

Jill hosted this month's craft party for our little group. She decided to do various printing techniques, which included linoleum, gel and shaving cream. Jill made lino blocks by adhering regular floor linoleum to wooden blocks. We all picked a design, transfered it onto the block using pencil or chalk and carved out the design. Once carved, we brayered acrylic paint onto the block and stamped. For the gel printing, Jill created flats of regular gelatin (made much thicker than normal) and we painted our design our colors onto the gel and laid the paper on top to transfer. I had the most fun with the shaving cream. Basically, fill a container with shaving cream and put your inks or paints on top. Lay the paper onto the ink/paint and smush it down into the shaving cream. Once you wipe of the shaving cream, you have a really cool design on the paper.
My lino print Celtic knot.

These are the results of my gelatin printing using watercolors. The top sample was much wetter than the bottom...and I added a little detail in the trees. :-)
These are the results of the shaving cream printing. The tan area in the bottom sample was sanded paper (i.e. paper with a rough surface). The inks didn't like that surface as well as an untreated surface.
Bev working with the gelatin printing.
Jill wiping off the shaving cream.
Me carving my linoleum block...yes, I did cut my thumb!

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