Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fused Glass and Studio Update

I just got a kit from Hobby Lobby to do fused glass in your microwave. These are the first pieces I created while experimenting with the time needed. The white pieces are the first and I think they were 'kilned' too long for my taste. The black piece came out just like I wanted, so I'm going to turn it into a necklace and make some smaller pieces for earrings.

I wanted to post a picture of my studio in progress. I installed three cabinets under my embellishment shelves. I moved the majority of my stuff in (most of it is stored in a large cabinet that you can't see in this view) and I can actually work in there now. I've been 'embellishing' a photo album for my brother of the trip he made here for Mother's Day. I don't really do true scrapbooking, so a bought a 1-up photo album and I'm stamping the journaling area to give it a little kick.

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