Friday, July 31, 2009

15th Wedding Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated 15 loooonnng years together yesterday…the ‘looonnng’ is a joke…we are truly best friends.  We did nothing special, just spent time together at a museum and such.  He bought me a dichroic fused glass pendant with dragonflies.  Since fusing glass is my latest thing, it was perfect.  You can see it in some of the photos.  We also took photographs of ourselves in my studio.  Since Mr. Man did the lighting for the President (yes, of the United States) in his past life, he gave me some really good tips on lighting…I’m sure you can tell which I did and which he did.


15thAnniversary-003 15thAnniversary-005





Jacqueline F. Graham said...

*Big Smile* Oh this was fun to read and view! Looks like you guys were having a lot of fun! It is amazing how slight variations can make a big difference. The first photo....your husband looks like the loving and dutiful family man. The photos w/the cap and sun glasses has the "kick butt" bouncer and biker look.

Such a *beautiful* couple!!!

Many blessings,

Michelle Johnson said...

Cute! Looks like you two had fun.