Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Mosaic

This is my first attempt at mosaic art.  I chose to do a mosaic on a simple, small side table that I use in my studio.  I bought the glass in small squares and cut as needed with a glass cutter and pliers.  I bought a mosaic kit that has the glue and grout, etc.  First, I set out the pieces in the pattern I wanted (which took a couple “come back to its” to get done).  I glued the pieces down and allowed them to set overnight (minimum of 6 hours is suggested).  I mixed the grout a little at a time (just add water to the powder in a small bowl) and applied the grout with a plastic trowel that was in the kit, making sure to get it in all the little spaces.  I let the grout sit for 15 minutes (give or take), then used the provided sponge to wipe off the excess grout.  I let that sit for a couple hours and cleaned it again with the sponge and paper towels.



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