Friday, October 9, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Wednesday (7 Oct) was my birthday.  I was on a business trip in Ohio at the time, so I had to wait till I came home to see what my DH had waiting for me…I’ll save you the pictures of the boxes he was sending to me.  I did get a great Bath and Body Works set that day from my friend, Cheryl, who was also in Ohio with me. 

The is the new metal/glass kiln that Bo had waiting for me!!!  I have a metal clay pendant drying right now heading for the kiln.  I still have to order the fireclay shelf necessary for fusing glass, but I’ll be kilning metal clay tomorrow!!


I also received a new blender for making handmade paper (my old one broke), a fireplace heater for my Studio (it’s not in yet), a beautiful dragonfly decoration, a crystal wine stopper and a cool t-shirt with life’s lessons from the dog. 


Anonymous said...

You're should buy your husband a 1970 GTO!!!

Smullis said...

I would if he would actually do something other than make silly comments on my blog! :-)

di from di-did-it said...

Wow~ I am so jealous ~ and at the same time excited for you! This is awesome ~ u r loved. And the best part for your followers... You do a great job of sharing so we get to learn right along with you (for when we someday get a kiln :).

Happy belated birthday!