Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Fused Glass in the Kiln (updated)

I did my first firing of fused glass today.  I used a the firing schedule from, which worked great.  The total firing took 12.5 hours. 

I did an abstract piece using scrap COE90 glass:


Although it fused well, the blue rod moved during the process and now extends over the black area.  I also don’t like that some of  glass is matte and some shiny now that it’s fires.  I’ll probably clip the blue ends and fire it again with a piece of clear glass over top to add shine.

I also did a pendant/earring set with metal inclusions of a dragonfly punched out of metal tape used to seal furnace pipes.


To the top of each piece, I added clear glass.


This is a shot of the pieces in the kiln near the end of the cool down stage.  They were placed on a ceramic shelf that had been coated with kiln wash.  The shelf is sitting on 1”x2” stilts to make sure the temp is even.


These are the pieces cooled and out of the kiln. 


The abstract piece is going back into the kiln.  Here is the finished Fused Glass Dragonfly set.


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