Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Craft Party

We held our October Craft Party on Saturday, the 17th.  The party was held at Kay’s house and we made Christmas cards (I know…at Halloween, right?).  Following the craft party, the guys showed up and we had a Games Night…which of course, was too much fun.

For the party, I made these little mini pumpkin pie jack-o-lanterns that were featured on Bakerella’s website.  What started out as “put some pre-made crust into a pan and pour in pre-made pumpkin pie mix” ended up being entirely home-made!!  From the crust on up…poor planning on my part. :-) 




This picture didn’t turn out too good, but it shows me, Diane, Kay and Jill.


Here are the cards we made…Diane left early to feed her dogs and took her tags before the picture was taken.


Annual Evergreen Cemetery Walk

Today was the annual cemetery walk at Evergreen Cemetery in Colorado Springs.  This year’s walk highlighted murders from 1870 – 1940, including a victim of Anna Hahn, one of  the first documented female serial killer in the U.S.   The walk was very interesting and the weather was perfect.



The tour guide and my mother, Janet.

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di from di-did-it said...

Your mom is beautiful.... your photo really shows off her gorgeous hair and sense of self/style. What an amazing role model....