Thursday, October 15, 2009

Painting With Metal Clay on Glass

I decided to try this after reading about painting with metal clay paste on ceramic.  I had no ceramic at hand, so I decided to try painting on an oval glass pebble.  I rolled out some metal clay at a ‘3-card’ thickness and used a wavy cutter to cut a thin strip to wrap around the pebble.  I used a straight cutter to cut a small piece for the bail.  I put on the border, let it dry for a bit and then added the bail.  I cleaned the surface with rubbing alcohol and used a small paint brush to paint a basic dragonfly scene onto the pebble.   What I have found is that the painted silver does not stick to the glass well either raw or fired.  This would not be a piece that would hold up well as a pendant or keychain, as that would require too much handling for the painted silver.




Anonymous said...

What temperature did you fire it at? What type of PMC did you use?

Do you know what type (COE) of glass you were using?

You should be able to incorporate both glass and metal clay. I'm happy to help if you would like to converse ;-)



Smullis said...

I ramped at 500 degrees and fired at 1200 degrees for 30 minutes. The clay was Art Clay 650 slow dry. I don't know the COE of the glass. It was one of those glass pebbles used for you would put in a vase or something.