Sunday, October 4, 2009

Plastic Canvas Tote and Dragonfly Pendant

I finally finished the plastic canvas tote that we all started during the August Craft party.  Of course, I put a dragonfly on the side.  I added some beading to bling it up a bit.  I found some awesome material with a dragonfly print on it at JoAnn Fabrics and used it for the lining.  I measured the sides and bottom, added 1/2 inch (for a 1/4 seam allowance.  I cut all the panels out.  I decided that I wanted pockets at 7” and 5”.  I measured and cut them along the fold of the fabric to allow a double thickness pocket with a nice finished edge.  On one side, I sewed a stitch down the middle to divide the pocket and then added ‘pencil’ pockets in the 5” pocket on one side.  I left the pocket the full length on the other side.  Once the lining was sewn together, I used fabric glue to adhere it to the inside of the tote (this is much easier than trying to sew it in).



I made this necklace and earrings to go with a blouse that I’m wearing for work next week.  I bought all the material at Michaels.  The pendant was a plain large glass piece, so I etched a dragonfly onto it.  I taped a piece blue painters tape down on copy paper (for stability) and punch out the dragonfly using a paper punch.  I pulled up the tape and used it as a mask on the pendant.  The etching cream was applied in a thick layer onto the pendant and allowed to sit for one minute…rinse, pull up the tape, dry and you have an etched pendant.


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jude said...

Wow love your necklace and tote .The colours of the necklace i love and the dragonfly is cute