Sunday, November 15, 2009

Copper Clay Class

I took a class on copper clay yesterday at Full Spectrum Art Glass & Gallery. It was great fun and surprising how much different working with the copper clay is from silver clay. Copper clay stays moist longer, but is more flexy and brittle when dry (easily cracked). Because it stays a little 'rubberish', filing it feels different and it's better to do a wet rubbing to get a smooth surface. It also has to be fired in a stainless steel pan full of activated charcoal. That is why I don't have pictures of the charms I made because they still need to be fired. Once fired, they can be cleaned just like silver clay with the exception that you must use a stainless steel brush to get the shiny copper look. A non-stainless brush (usually has gold bristles) will turn the copper bronzy. It can be fixed with a stainless steel brush, but would still be a shocker at first. I'll post pictures once I get my pieces back later this week.

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