Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dog Diapers

Go figure that I would end up spending my days changing diapers on a dog (well, two actually).  The cost of these diapers at pet stores is $27-$30 each…that’s just the cloth part!  I decided to make some for our male dog, Wiley, with a nautical slant since the DH is a retired Navy Master Chief.  The total cost was $6.80!!  I cut a strip of fabric 9” x 29”.  I sewed a 1/4” hem on each short side.  The elastic was stretched and cut 27” then sewn in an inch from each end on both sides.  I folded the elastic edge over the width of the elastic and sewed while pulling the fabric to stretch the elastic and make the fabric flat.  I folded the edge again and did the same step to end with a nice finished edge.  The Velcro was cut to width and sewn one piece on the pattern side (top) of the fabric and the other piece on the bottom side of the fabric.  I added a couple of anchor buttons for detail.  It’s not easy to get a dog to pose for good pictures, but here are a couple to show the diaper.

Next, I might just try to make diapers for our female dog…a bit more tricky!

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