Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skaguay Power Plant Hike 2010

We just returned from a 3-day backpacking trip to the old Skaguay Power Plant in Colorado.  5 miles of mountainous terrain…the toughest hike I’ve done…this was my 2nd trip!

Construction of the Skaguay Dam and Power Plant began in 1899. The Skaguay dam is the first steel-reinformed, rock faced dam in the world. From the dam, 5 miles of 30" diameter pipe, made of wood and metal rings, ran to the power plant. It then dropped 1,165' through a metal pipe to produce the pressure needed to turn the turbines. Thru an architectural error, the piping was 100' too low on the hill, resulting in only enough pressure to turn three of the four turbines.  The power plant was abandon in 1965 after the Gillett dam burst and flooded the Skaguay reservoir and plugged up the pipes feeding the plant.

Friday, June 25, 2010

More Photos

I went back to the Demonstration Garden at Monument Valley Park in Colorado Springs to take some flower photos.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Walk in Memorial Park and Progress on My Woodcarving

Yesterday, my CFF (Crafting Friend Forever) Jill and I walked thru the Demonstration Garden at Memorial Park for our workout…it definitely beat going to the gym.


I’ve been working on my woodcarving one minute at a time. :-)  It’s actually not as easy as one would think to carve wood, especially against the grain.  Here is my progress so far:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

June Craft Party

Kay provided instruction in wood carving for this month’s craft party.  We all took a 6”x10” piece of wood and traced a pattern/picture onto it using carbon paper.  The we used a straight blade to ‘V’ out the outline of our design and then carved away the background.  Although there was not enough time to finish, we did make some good headway.  The sunflower is a completed example that Kay did to show up how ours will look when completed.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Father’s Day Cards

These are the cards I made for my dad and father-in-law.  My dad has an egg business (Baker’s Dozen) and Bo’s dad is really into Bingo.

For this card, I used a brown card base with dark brown accent paper.  I embossed the Rooster stamp by Stampabilities in black and colored with Bic markers.  The sentiment is from a set called Happy Everything by Inkadinkado and is also embossed in black.  The wood embossed background was done with the Cuttlebug and a Sizzix Tim Holtz Alterations folder called Wood Grain (love these!)  I accented the wood grain and sentiment card with Vintage Photo Distress Ink.  The brads were added to the corners as accents.


The Bingo card was done with a white card base that was colored with Faded Jeans Distress Ink.  The brown background is Crinkle Paper by Wausau Paper in Cocoa.  I accented the crinkles and stamped the sentiment in Walnut Stain Distress Ink.  The bingo card was embossed using the Sizzix Tim Holtz Alterations Bingo folder on a recycle piece of Tassimo packaging (Recycle, Reuse, Renew!) and colored with Denim Adirondack Alcohol Ink.  Once the ink dried (about 2 seconds), I sanded the raised areas.  The ‘markers’ were stamped out of a transparency sheet with a 1” circle punch and colored with Espresso Adirondack Alcohol Ink.  I also accented the sentiment card with Faded Jeans Distress Ink.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Archiver’s Colorful Creations Class

This evening Jill and I took a card class at Archiver’s.  We had a great time, as usual, and came home with these four cards.  The class used Glimmer Mist, Distress Ink and Hero Arts stamps.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Latest Pottery Glaze Firing

I fired off the kiln yesterday and here are some of the finished (or nearly finished) items:

This is a serving plate in olive green speckle glaze.


This is a little bowl that was actually a happy accident.  I glazed it to look like a basket with a table cloth in it.


The two vases are for my mom, but both need to be re-fired.  The fat bluish one has a spot on the handle where it didn’t get glazed.  I also want to glaze the spout…it pours better with no glaze there, but look bad with this color choice.  The white one was supposed to have a sponged brown color…the two glazed don’t play well together and left some unglazed areas. 



Saturday, June 12, 2010

Start of a Pastel Painting and Some Photography

I was out of town on business last week, so didn’t get much done in the way of crafting lately.  I did start a pastel painting of Smokey, my mom’s late Shih Tzu…that will be a work in progress for awhile…black is not an easy color to do.

I also took so photos of Bo’s mother’s roses in bloom.  The day was a cloudy, rainy day, so I shot these hand-held with an off camera Nikon SB-900 flash.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fused Glass Jewelry

I fired off the glass kiln the other day.  Here are a couple jewelry sets I created.  The top set is clear green glass with blue, textured dicro.  The second set is black glass with a metallic silver layer that I cut into ovals on Bo’s glass saw…I love the glass saw.

For both sets, I glued pendant and earring bails to them with E6000 and then finished with silver findings.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fresh Pottery

This is a tart burner that I threw on the wheel using Dover Sand clay.  The bottom and top where thrown separately (using a caliper to make sure the top would fit into the bottom).  Once the clay had dried to leather-hard, I trimmed each piece, cut out the dragonflies and flowers and fitted them together.   Once bone-dry, they were bisque fired (Cone 04) together to ensure they expanded and shrank the same.  The glaze I used was Amoco Potter’s Choice Blue Rutile with the cutout areas highlighted with Amoco Potter’s Choice Indigo Float (these are two new PC colors).  I applied beeswax to the bottom outer rim of the top section and the inner top rim and bottom of the bottom section to ensure no glaze accidently got applied to these areas.  This would make sure the top and bottom fit together as they should.   After the glaze dried, the pieces were glaze fired (Cone 6) separately to ensure the glazes didn’t fuse the pieces together.