Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fresh Pottery

This is a tart burner that I threw on the wheel using Dover Sand clay.  The bottom and top where thrown separately (using a caliper to make sure the top would fit into the bottom).  Once the clay had dried to leather-hard, I trimmed each piece, cut out the dragonflies and flowers and fitted them together.   Once bone-dry, they were bisque fired (Cone 04) together to ensure they expanded and shrank the same.  The glaze I used was Amoco Potter’s Choice Blue Rutile with the cutout areas highlighted with Amoco Potter’s Choice Indigo Float (these are two new PC colors).  I applied beeswax to the bottom outer rim of the top section and the inner top rim and bottom of the bottom section to ensure no glaze accidently got applied to these areas.  This would make sure the top and bottom fit together as they should.   After the glaze dried, the pieces were glaze fired (Cone 6) separately to ensure the glazes didn’t fuse the pieces together.

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