Saturday, March 24, 2012

Phantom Canyon & Shelf Road Trip

Today my hiking buddy, John, and I took the pups on a road trip from Woodland Park, CO on the loop down Phantom Canyon Road and back up Shelf Road.  Although there wasn't much hiking, I think we all had a great time on this super warm day.

Tunnel on Phantom Canyon Road

Winston playing in the creek

Morning light on the trees on Phantom Canyon Road

Morgan's First Creek Crossing

Umm...a rock...

First Spring Flowers

Trees along Phantom Canyon Road

A Random Mountain Cow

Morgan hanging her head out the window

A Bighorn Cow...Longhorn Steer...a Bovine

Shrubbery on Shelf Road

Old Cabin Ruins on Shelf Road

Winston & Noel

Winston & Morgan in their backpacks

View from the cabin ruins

Lunch on Shelf Road

A Hole in the Rocks on Shelf Road

View of Collegiate Peaks from Shelf Road

The Tunnel on Phantom Canyon Road

A restored mine on Shelf Road

An old house in Cripple Creek

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Cindy said...

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